Additional Services

  1. Mental Health Facilities, Boarding Homes, Correctional Facilities, and only a select few Adult Family Homes are serviced by Premier LTC. Premier LTC’s excellence in service does include these other health facilities and much of the advantages listed are experienced by these clients. 
  2. Infusion Therapies (IV and Enteral) –
    Our team is specially trained on the latest infusion products and services to supporting your staff with product selection, locating hard-to-find products, and trouble-shooting support for your day-to-day patient needs. Trained clinicians, technicians, and billers are available to help evaluate the needs of each individualized patient. Therapies provided include:
    1. Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
    2. Antibiotic Therapy
    3. Intravenous Pain Management
    4. Intravenous Hydration Therapy
    5. Enteral Nutrition Therapy
    6. Nursing Services for IV access
  3. Medical Supplies:
    Premier LTC does offer different types of medical supplies when requested. These include areas such as diabetic supplies, oral nutritional supplements, incontinence supplies, ostomy and urological supplies, respiratory supplies, compression treatments, toilet and shower aides, commodes, walkers, and canes.
  4. Consulting:
    Premier LTC Pharmacy has a staff of experienced consultant pharmacists who can provide a wide range of services to promote improved quality of care for facilities and enhance the quality of life for your residents. Our clinical pharmacy programs include:
    1. Outcome Orientated Drug Regimen and Chart Reviews 
    2. Psychoactive Drug Monitoring
    3. Monitoring of Medication Administration
    4. Nursing Station, Medication Cart and Room Inspections 
    5. Documentation and Communication of Consultant Pharmacist Recommendation 
    6. Comprehensive Computerized Pharmaceutical Reports which detail the pharmacists findings and recommendations 
    7. Continuous Quality Improvement Activities/Projects – participation in psychotropic committee/CQI meetings 
    8. Educate Staff and Assist with Preparation for State and Federal Surveys 
    9. Training and Education Specifically Tailored for Facility Needs
    10. New Drug Information Sheets
    11. Customize emergency drug boxes for skilled Nursing Facilities
  5. Education
    Premier Long Term Care Pharmacy provides skilled nursing, assisted living, and residential care facilities with educational in-services & programs to meet the individual needs of facilities and their staff. Premier LTC Pharmacy’s team of experienced clinical educators is available to provide customized staff education. As a customer you have access to our educational video library and on-site education in-services in the following areas:
    Pharmacy Focused In-Services Survey / Inspection Diseases & Disorders Wellness Programs Off Site Educational Programs / Consulting Services
    1. Five Rights to Medication Administration & Prevention of Common Medication Errors
    2. Controlled Medications – The Correct Way to Administer and Document
    3. Drops, Ointments, Sprays, & Inhalers – Best Practices
    4. Medication Crushing
    5. Medication Disposition – Regulations and How to Comply
    6. Medication – Impact of the Elderly in Activities of Daily Living
    7. Common Drug to Drug Interactions & Food Drug Interactions
    8. IV Skills Workshop
    9. Tube Feeding Basics – Preventing Common Pitfalls
    10. Customer Service / Hospitality Training – What has Changed in the Current Regulatory Process
    11. Pre Survey Assessments / Mock Survey – Pharmacy Focused
    12. Alzheimers Disease
    13. Diabetes
    14. Incontinence
    15. Chronic Weight Loss / Malnutrition
    16. Osteoporosis
    17. Pain Management
    18. Wound Care – Skin Assessment and Practical Tips to Prevent Skin Breakdown
    19. Wound Care – How to Assess for Stage I, II, III, IV Wounds
    20. Wound Care – Decubitus Ulcer Care / Prevention, Venous Stasis, Diabetic Foot Ulcer
    21. Allergies – Management of Seasonal Allergies
    22. Taking Care of Your Bones
    23. Staying Active as You Get Older
    24. Medication Management & Fall Prevention
    25. Flu Programs
    26. Lunch & Learn Events
    27. Educational Dinners
    28. Nurse Delegation (CNA programs & Reconcile Medication Program)
    29. Registered Nurse, Pharmacists, Registered Dietitian Consulting
  6. Vaccination Program
    Premier LTC provides a nursing professional to administer vaccines when requested. This program includes Flu Vaccine administration as well as shingles vaccine and pneumocccal vaccine.