1. Open 7 days / week; with 24 hour service for emergency needs, including holidays.

2. Provides multiple types of medication packaging systems (Blister and Pouch) vs. just one size fits all. Attached is the most efficient packaging system available in the market place – Pouch Packaging. It saves nursing labor, reduces med pass time, & helps to reduce medication errors. Linear and 2D bar coding capabilities for facilities using eMAR technology.

Premier LTC Pharmacy’s pouch packaging is different from other pharmacies because we use a Robot technology called Inspector Rx, which ensures accuracy in every pouch. The robot takes a picture of every pouch (front and back) and screens the pill image, shape, size and color as well as NDC code, catching errors. The screening technology is able to catch any pills not dropped or extras dropped. Each pouch is numbered to improve communication between med tech / nurse and pharmacy staff. By referencing the pouch number a pharmacist is able to pull up the photo stored within the system ensuring the facility’s staff and resident’s needs are met quickly.

3. The ability to cycle-fill routine medication instead of requesting by demand. This allows routine medications to automatically be delivered without peeling refill stickers and faxing the pharmacy which takes up valuable med tech or nursing time.

4. Automatic prescription renewals from physician to pharmacy for all cycled medications ensure residents get their medications without dose interruption.

5. Provides individually customized medical record support (MAR’s, TAR’s, PO’s) or electronic charting systems. Interfaced stand -alone eMAR technology is available or clinical charting software systems that include assessments, care plans, point of care and more. Facilities can experience a new quality of resident care by knowing charting is done timely and correctly. Some software programs include marketing & billing modules. Many of these technologies are user friendly, web based and affordable.

6. Reduce Poly-Pharmacy by:

a. Providing competitive pricing for non -covered prescriptions.

b. Offering 90% of all OTC medications for $4.00 /month can stop families from buying these items from retailers. Cumbersome bottles inherently slow down med pass and require staff to manage expiration dates and inventory.

c. Contracts with Group Health & Tricare allow the pharmacy to bill for prescription medications. This helps reduce the use of outside pharmacies and reduce nursing or med tech labor spent managing these residents’ medication refills and new prescriptions.

7. Seasoned consultants are available to review resident medications, to eliminate duplicate therapies and improve clinical outcomes. They also conduct med pass audits.

8. QA specialist for routine medication storage audits.

9. Monthly CEU webinars at no cost, DVD lending library, & support pharmacy staff to provide in-services related to medications and quarterly newsletters.

10. Ongoing pharmacy support for procedural in-servicing as an annual review or for new staff.

11. Dedicated account & billing manager to assist your staff at our local office.

12. Onsite flu shot clinics to assist nursing staff.